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    Sudheer Ambekar

    There are a number myths about stroke. some of the common ones are

    1. Stroke affects the heart

    Stroke affects the BRAIN and not the heart. It may be caused by blockage of an artery or bleeding in the brain.

    2. There is nothing one can do to prevent a stroke

    There are a number of things one can do to prevent a stroke starting from lifestyle modifications, blood pressure control, diabetes control, exercise, etc

    3. Strokes only happen to older people

    Strokes can happen to people of all age groups, even children. Young people are more likely to ignore the symptoms of stroke as they think strokes happen in only older people

    Please share other myths about stroke


    Hardeep Sodhi

    What we heard / encountered :

    a) Rub the blood of some bird ( forget which – I think crow because it was very ” hot ” ) on the paralysed limbs… did not try…

    b) Miracle healers – there was one in some delhi suburb doling out ashes – did not work

    c) And a very interesting one – Dr. Muneer Khan who advertised on TV via the old movies actress Tabassum claiming to have drugs- with reports and testimonials to boot – to have significantly helped in paralysis. My father spent about Rs. 25,000 /= on that for my mother’s treatment before giving up …


    Hardeep Sodhi

    Seems like many myths are prevalent in the US also – will summarise such in a Post and put the ink here as well….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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