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Preparing a Directory for Stroke Survivors, Caregivers, Equipment and Service Providers. To be featured therein, please provide your details at
Directory for Stroke Survivors, Caregivers, Equipment and Service Providers

Stroke is a very lonely disease. And in India not many forums exist ( at least I don’t know of any active ) where people affected in any way by stroke can meet. Whether off-line or online. And offer each other support and help as much as they comfortably can. Sometimes even a sympathetic ear can be a strong help.

As an initial step towards getting concerned people together, I am planning to build a directory of people connected to Stroke in India in any manner. They could be stroke survivors, caregivers, equipment/service providers or any else in anyway interested in supporting stroke survivors and caregivers across India.

As a first step the directory is being published on this Website so that people can initiate contact with each other as appropriate. As the numbers increase I hope to – along with like-minded people- work on rehabilitating stroke survivors and supporting them and caregivers.

In case you would like to be featured therein, please use the form at :
Please provide as much details as you feel appropriate in the ‘message’ field.

Of course you are welcome to join the Forum right away and initiate / participate in topics as you feel fit. Please do bear, however, the theme of this website in mind and do not use the Forum solely as a means of advertising, thank you.

And if you know anyone else who would like to feature in this directory, please share this page with them. The Weblink is:

Please also join in on your Mobile Device by using links as under, wherever convenient ( Telegram preferred):

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