A Stroke changes EVERYTHING …

Every six seconds – regardless of age or gender – someone somewhere will die of Stroke !

And many more will survive – either temporarily or permanently scarred by physical and/ or mental disabilities. Disabilities which take a severe toll not only on themselves but also on their immediate families as they struggle to provide love and care to their loved relatives in a scenario where even the Medical Fraternity has no clear cut answers.

Unknown to most, Stroke is already one of the BIGGEST disablers. Communication , Technological and Medical advances make it highly probable that a stroke victim will survive. Which in turn means a prolonged post stroke period of care .

Care which involves the whole family. Which drains the whole family emotionally and financially – in a Country with NO Social Security System worth talking about.

Yet there IS Life and where there is life, there is HOPE !

Hence this Website.

Our Purpose : To Offer Hope and Support to Stroke Survivors as well as Caregivers in India, both Offline as well as Online.

Surprisingly, while many On Line resources and Support Groups exist internationally, we have not come across any with an India centric focus on the Stroke Survivors and Caregivers. A few exist for the Medical Fraternity, links for which are being added here

We aim to provide :

– Vitally important Encouragement for both the Victims as well as the Caregivers and families.

– A Platform for sharing , supporting, cheering up and learning from each other.

– – Moving further, on the Ground Support via Meetups, Seminars with Experts and whatever our resources may permit – sometimes by just holding hands and being  there  !

The Genesis of this Website is personal experience. And focus here is on sharing such experiences, gathering support , courage and hope thereby. It is a wholly voluntary effort and if you would like to join in, please do !

This is NOT a Medically Competent Website, no such claims are made neither should be construed. Please ALWAYS consult competent Medical Practitioners – and ALWAYS take as MUCH advice as possible – not much is available unfortunately but DO NOT give up .

Further, this  Site is a Work in Progress. Anyways you can contribute – ideas, suggestions, information, assistance- is most welcome. Please use the form provided at the Contact Page to initiate contact with us.