A stroke changes everything …..

Profiles of Stroke Survivors seeking work - please help !
Profiles of Stroke Survivors seeking work – please help !

A stroke changes everything for stroke survivors. Within a matter of days, a  stroke survivor can turn from an active person that is gainfully and regularly employed and earning for his/her family ( maybe as the sole earning member ) with all its associations to perhaps a bed-ridden person not able to even communicate properly, jobless, and having large medical expenses.

Statistics show that about 20% of strokes occur in people of working age.

With time and regular treatment such as physiotherapy many such stroke survivors can recover enough to consider returning to work. It may not be the same work as before but certainly they can contribute effectively to the economy as well to their / their family’s welfare.

All such stroke survivors are welcome to send me their profiles. Initial contact can be via the Contact page and we can take it further from there. Links to such profiles will also be provided hereunder and this page will be communicated to potential employers periodically whose help will be sought to provide gainful employment to such stroke survivors by directly contacting them for further process.

All relevant inputs would also be much appreciated. These could be information about associations that can help, potential employer contacts, any government schemes for such employment. Please provide them in comments hereunder , or use the Contact page . Thank you very much !

A DIRECTORY of Stroke Survivors, Caregivers and equipment/service providers is also being made for online/offline contacts and networking. Please see Stroke Support Directory for further details thereof.

Note : Information being provided by us on this Website is provided without any obligation and just for welfare of stroke survivors. All parties are required to exercise their own due diligence and no responsibility shall accrue to us due to anyone’s actions based upon any information provided herein.

Present Profiles:
M. Saseendran – hotelier with about 15 years past work experience

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