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    [4/14, 3:34 PM] Arvind Chittor: Any inputs on this below


    I’m taking beetroot and ivy gourd juice, every morning empty stomach as advised by an expert here. Said it improves blood circulation and improves sensation in weak areas.

    [4/14, 3:38 PM] Sunish Thoniyan Nanu: Did it give any impact after having . Kindly advice .

    [4/14, 3:38 PM] Sunish Thoniyan Nanu: If it works on u it can work on us aswell at times

    [4/14, 3:39 PM] Dr. Jagdeep R. P. Singh: I heard beetroot juice lowers blood pressure so taking daily such juices?

    . I am not ayurvedic or herbalist so kindly consult someone experienced as no research evidence.

    [4/14, 3:44 PM] Sunish Thoniyan Nanu: I think these kind of juices when taken one need to meet a dietician or nutritionist consult depending on our BP and sugar . It shouldn’t impact the other u see.

    [4/14, 3:59 PM] Ashok Sharma: आयुर्वेद कहेंगे तो वातचिन्तामणी रस लीजिये

    [4/14, 4:27 PM] Arvind Chittor: Yes I’m able to feel touches in week side better than before. We tested recently with a piece of thread to keep it as soft as possible to see the difference. Earlier I cannot feel touches with hard materials. So I experienced improvements.

    [4/14, 4:30 PM] Arvind Chittor: As said by JmMr. J Please do consult a dietitian or an expert. Though I see improvement i took advice not from an expert in this field. So kindly consult with experts before you start anything new.

    [4/14, 4:42 PM] S. Sivakumar:

    [4/14, 4:43 PM] S. Sivakumar:

    [4/14, 4:43 PM] S. Sivakumar:

    [4/14, 4:45 PM] S. Sivakumar:,high%20cholesterol%20to%20high%20blood

    [4/14, 4:46 PM] S. Sivakumar:

    [4/14, 4:54 PM] Dr. Jagdeep R. P. Singh: True that’s why if you are already on medication for high BP then needs to be careful in regulating your medication. As I am medical professional so bit more cautious. Vegetables and fruit are always healthy. 🙏🙏🙏

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