Stroke survivors and their families are stroke warriors who fight battles every day. Each day is a day of myriad incidents and emotions – struggles, confusions and despair interspersed with those of joy, recoveries and growth, and cherished memories.

And such experiences can be put into lived stories that can inspire, help as well caution any reader, including other stroke warriors.

Via this page we share such stories.

If you are a stroke warrior and would like to share your lived story, we would love to feature you here. A broad framework could include your background – prior /present work, age, location, education etc., when stroke happened, what symptoms you experienced, when/ how did you reach appropriate treatment, what was your physical / mental situation immediately after stroke, your experiences of treatment , therapy and rehabilitation, how do you feel now… photos and videos may be added. And of course it can be a dynamic record of such experiences.

Families of the stroke affected may also speak on behalf of the stroke affected , as well as share their own feelings and experiences in a similar manner.

All interested may establish initial contact via our WhatsApp group , and we will take it further from there.

Here are some already here …

If you have limited/No information about Stroke, its symptoms and consequences, we STRONGLY suggest you read at least one of the following before you leave this Website, as well as share the links with your friends and family. You may save someone from sudden death or being crippled for life !
* Be fast – Stroke Symptoms in English with Videos of Actual Strokes

* स्ट्रोक (आघात) – हिंदी में कुछ जानकारी
* स्ट्रोक-के-साधारण-लक्षण
* In Gujarati – જ્યારે સ્ટ્રોક આવે ત્યારે BE FAST
* In Bengali – Be Fast – দ্রুত !
* In Odiya – ଷ୍ଟ୍ରୋକ: ମୃତ୍ୟୁ ଅଥବା ଶାରୀରିକ/ମାନସିକ ଅସମର୍ଥ