Upcoming Events Being Organized by Stroke Support India
Upcoming Events Being Organized by Stroke Support India

This page gives relevant details of events – online or offline- organized by Stroke Support India.

Upcoming Webinar(s)

Webinar on Mini Strokes/ Transient Ischemic Attacks ( TIAs) on 21st June, 2020

A mini stroke is never to be ignored since it may have serious consequences.
The Webinar will be presented by Dr. Sudheer Ambekar who is a renowned Consultant Neurosurgeon, Skull base, cerebrovascular and endovascular surgery with about 15 years experience including in Jaslok Hospital and NIMHANS. Presently he is associated with Lilavati Hospital , Mumbai

Date and Time : 21st June 2020, 2:30 PM ( IST)
Meeting Link : https://meetingsapac26.webex.com/meetingsapac26/j.php?MTID=md1083692e16cff315c59103d2f167b8c
Meeting number / information (access code) : 166 804 4914
Meeting password : SS321! (773210 from video systems)
Participants can login via link above for direct joining when only meeting password may be asked, or via https://www.webex.com/ (Join Link on top Right) or using mobile App on their mobile devices when both meeting number and password will be needed.
The meeting will be for about fifty minutes and have a presentation followed by a Q&A session.

Queries submitted via form herein in advance will be attended to first. Also, you may use this form anyway to leave your E-mail id to be informed about future events. All your feedback, suggestions, and presenter references for similar meetings to help stroke warriors may also be provided herein. Thank you !

Further, if you yourself would like to help stroke warriors by presenting a Webinar, please put your details hereunder and mention so in the Query box. We will revert to you. Thank you very much !

Past Webinar(s)

Webinar on Aphasia on 7th June 2020

Aphasia is a frequent complication of a stroke, although it may also be due head trauma, brain tumors and infections. It affects comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in different manners. The brain holds the words hostage, as is sometimes said. As can be readily understood, aphasia is a very distressing situation for both the stroke survivor as well as his/her family. A Speech Language Pathologist ( SLP ) is trained to detect and treat aphasia.

This Webinar / meet has ended. Thanks to all the participants and to Mr. Santosh Kumar for the efforts. We could not address queries due paucity of time and will have one shortly focused on them.

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