Looking for downloadable books, videos etc. for stroke exercises, stroke management etc. ? Find them here !

Here we provide links to Downloadable Materials – PDF Files,  Videos etc. pertaining to Stroke and its Management.

Some of the links may direct you to other Sites and of course will work only as long as the material is there on the respective sites.

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We really hope you find some useful material here which will make your life – as a Stroke Patient or a Stroke Caregiver – easier.

Understanding Stroke – Guide for Stroke Survivors and their Families

This is a good overall guide to Stroke, written for the lay people. While it does not cover each and every situation that may be encountered, it does cover most. Besides providing Weblinks that may have more information on specific subjects

Exercises after Stroke

A series of various exercises to be performed after a stroke. The guide covers both generic and specific exercises. It describes activities which can be undertaken individually or with help. The instructions are simple and clear. The text is perfectly complemented by the practical and easily followed illustrations which cover everyday functions such as moving from a bed to a wheelchair, climbing stairs, or getting up after a fall, to more specific exercises focusing on strengthening particular parts of the body.

Language Based Exercises in Hindi for Speech Therapy

This book is very helpful for people suffering from Aphasia

Caregivers Handbook

Written by Joyce Dreslin and taken from http://strokesafe.org , this is a nice introduction to prepare one for a life changing event in his/her life – becoming a Caregiver to a Stroke Patient….

Caregivers Guide

Prepared by the American Stroke Association the Caregiver Guide to Stroke is meant to help caregivers better navigate the recovery process and the financial and social implications of a stroke. It provides practical tips on how to communicate with the healthcare team and manage the effects of a stroke, as well as information on legal resources, financial support, and health coverage. The Weblinks and resources cited are primarily American but still it is full of information you can use in any region.

If you have limited/No information about Stroke, its symptoms and consequences, we STRONGLY suggest you read at least one of the following before you leave this Website, as well as share the links with your friends and family. You may save someone from sudden death or being crippled for life !
* Be fast – Stroke Symptoms in English with Videos of Actual Strokes

* स्ट्रोक (आघात) – हिंदी में कुछ जानकारी
* स्ट्रोक-के-साधारण-लक्षण
* In Gujarati – જ્યારે સ્ટ્રોક આવે ત્યારે BE FAST
* In Bengali – Be Fast – দ্রুত !
* In Odiya – ଷ୍ଟ୍ରୋକ: ମୃତ୍ୟୁ ଅଥବା ଶାରୀରିକ/ମାନସିକ ଅସମର୍ଥ

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