When Stroke Strikes, quickly reach the nearest Stroke Ready Hospital. For list see https://strokesupport.in/hospital/

According to the book ” Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Stroke ” published by the Ministry of Health and Family , Government of India, a stroke ready hospital is ” a facility equipped with CT Scan, Thrombolytics ( Alteplase/Teneceteplase) and trained Doctor / Nurse round the clock.”

For those interested , a copy of the above book can be found here.

Reaching a Stroke Ready Hospital at the earliest possible is THE most critical aspect of Stroke Management, one which has a direct impact on survival as well as recovery of a stroke victim. Indeed, when stroke strikes, time is brain . Unfortunately, this is also one aspect in which India sorely lacks, particularly in rural areas. In fact, as this article notes :

‘Less than 1% of stroke patients in India get treatment within golden window. Only 31 per cent people are aware of the golden window of four-and-a-half hours after an attack. After this, time loss is brain loss (damage).”

A directory of Stroke Ready Hospitals is planned to be put up here. And with time of other service providers as well. As of now , you can see a rough framework by clicking here.

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