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    [4/28, 4:07 PM] Bharat Shingade: Can stroke patients take covishield vaccine
    [4/28, 4:12 PM] Sunish Thoniyan Nanu: I took in dubai both the dose .
    [4/28, 4:13 PM] Sunish Thoniyan Nanu: Here it was called AstraZeneca- covishield from India .
    [4/28, 4:47 PM] Srinivas Pyati: Yes I have taken both the doses
    [4/28, 5:29 PM] Pooja: My dad has also taken one dose.. it’s been 2 weeks and all ok.
    [4/28, 7:45 PM] Ashish Santosh Khonde: Yes.
    [4/28, 9:18 PM] Sunish Thoniyan Nanu: the query was on stroke patients taking covishield vaccine . And that was addressed by patients who took .


    Hello everyone,


    Good afternoon.

    My father aged 64 who is recovering from his stroke since close to 4 months had his first shot of Covishield on 26th April. He was given the shot by the doctor who is treating him when we went to hospital for a routine checkup. Please note that my father has Tracheostomy as well. So far no issues faced due to vaccine.

    Thanks and Regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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