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    [4/14, 2:07 PM] Bharti Dhankani: Just wanted to check if anyone is taking suppliments like magnesium and zinc for faster recovery

    [4/14, 2:08 PM] Arvind Chittor: Nope I take only Omega3

    [4/14, 2:09 PM] Bharti Dhankani: Can you give the it fish oil?

    [4/14, 2:10 PM] Arvind Chittor: Yes it is got it from US. A family member brought it for me

    [4/14, 2:10 PM] S. Sivakumar: Seven seas Cod liver oil capsules is what I take along with multi vitamin tablets.

    [4/14, 2:11 PM] Bharti Dhankani: Can you please give the name so that I can purchase it too.

    [4/14, 2:11 PM] Bharti Dhankani: Of the vitamin tablets

    [4/14, 2:12 PM] S. Sivakumar: I use Supradyne. Your doctor can advice on this.

    [4/14, 2:14 PM] Prashant Khot: For omega 3 fatty acid :- MEGA 3

    Zinc :- BECOZINC

    [4/14, 2:15 PM] Srinivas Pyati: Google Epione369

    [4/14, 2:15 PM] Arvind Chittor: Login to Herbalife yourself and choose what all you need and buy it for 3months to avail their max discount

    [4/14, 2:19 PM] Bharti Dhankani: The doctor hasn’t prescribed any suppliments as need to at least ask him if it is required for faster recovery.

    [4/14, 2:56 PM] Dr. Jagdeep R. P. Singh: Flax seeds good source of omega 3.

    [4/14, 3:29 PM] Anandhi Giridhar: Any supplements for muscle strength recovery?

    [4/14, 3:30 PM] Ashok Sharma: Neurarich

    [4/14, 3:31 PM] Ashok Sharma: …With immurich

    [4/14, 9:05 PM] Hetal Hariya: It is best to avoid anything that does not have clear ingredient list and details.

    Like Siva mentioned, for supplements like zinc, magnesium, vitamins, omega3, etc, after consulting with doctor, consider only proper medical supplements available in pharmacy rather than alternatives, as they may interact adversely (slowly over time or acutely) with your main medication for neuro, bp, diabetes, etc, causing delay in recovery rarher than helping recovery. There is no standardised way to even study these interactions as the ingredients & sources are vague or missing.

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