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    [4/14, 7:46 AM] Arvind Chittor: Year on year comparison.
    A year back was holding a cane to walk, hand on my chest when a step was taken, Lack of smile and enthusiasm, ashamed of myself for my condition, had an unbent knee looked as if I was trying to dig the ground for water. Now seems like crossing little obstacles without a cane and hand straight on my side. Happily smiling throughout the temple visit with heads up like a playful kid. Walking with hands clasped with devotion. Talking to familiar faces with confidence without any shame as before. Came back home to finish all ritual getting blessings from the elderly lying down on the floor to touch the feet later hugging them to console their teared up eye. Getting the gifts of love and new year’s cash gift along with a prayer box from my 90 year old granny. ❤️☺️
    [4/14, 8:23 AM] Hardeep Sodhi: Great 👍👍👍 what a wonderful sense of satisfaction and achievement you must be experiencing. And great inspiration to others as well. For sure you will only grow further from here.
    Curious – do you think you had some inherent traits prior to stroke that have helped you ? And which ones have you developed anew during this journey ?
    [4/14, 9:14 AM] S. Sivakumar: Super bro. Lovely retrospection. Good on you. So much to be thankful for. Stay focused on the road ahead. 💪🏽💪🏽👍🏻👍🏻

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