Time is Brain !

Time Is Brain !
Time Is Brain !

While in any medical emergency Time is of essence,in a Stroke Time lost is ( literally )  Brain lost !

The more time one looses, the more brain dies. Dead brain cells are NOT replaced  – and one stroke left untreated is a broad equivalent to an aging of THIRTY  SIX Years ( if it is not fatal ! )

Hence, as is concluded in the Study referred to :

” Quantitative estimates of the pace of neural circuitry loss in human ischemic stroke emphasize the time urgency of stroke care. The typical patient loses 1.9 million neurons each minute in which stroke is untreated.  ”

Source : http://stroke.ahajournals.org/content/37/1/263.long

This of course is no predictor of what exactly will be the impact of the Stroke. NO stroke is like any other and the consequences and disabilities – temporary or lifelong – will depend upon what are the areas of brain impacted and how much.

Hence it is critically important to raise stroke awareness, recognize the symptoms of an emerging stroke, understand the risk factors and make life style changes to minimize such risks.

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