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    [4/11, 7:55 PM] Arvind Chittor: Getting regular anger issues lately.
    [4/11, 8:05 PM] Hardeep Sodhi: Layman’s suggestion…deep breaths. Second…talk to me and vent …

    Seriously however, I think it is but natural for a stroke affected to have a lot of frustrations… maybe experts here will come with their thoughts, let us hear as well from other warriors if they face similar and what is working for them…..

    The fact that you are at least acknowledging the issue is a very positive beginning, imho.
    [4/11, 8:08 PM] Arvind Chittor: It’s been over a year I’m affected and this started showing up recently. I’m only worried as I’m hurting my care givers. I know I shouldn’t but I’m not able to control.
    I explode at times .
    [4/11, 8:14 PM] Hardeep Sodhi: This may help..
    Would be great to have your feedback…what worked for you…and if you can connect to any of the reasons there…

    Arvind Cv

    The Art of Living  meditation   program  is helpful,  specifically  i did Sudarshan  Kariya daily when  I wake up. Keeping  track  of what triggers  my anger in a excel sheet with  Time and reason  for it. Spoke to my Care givers in private  sharing  my stressful situation  and making them understand  its natural for a long recovery  period . Tried to hold back lashing out frequently  by counting  to 10 inside my mind and it eventually  worked out pretty  well.


    Here is a Video on tips to control anger ..may help :

    And here link to a primer on Art of Living meditation, as popularized by Sri Sri Ravishankar- quite well regarded in India as well as the world over !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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