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    Here a series of videos, experiences and articles on improving your gait subsequent to a stroke_____

    [4/22, 11:46 AM] S. Sivakumar: PTs here can answer it better but going by my experience, the hip and thigh muscles need strengthening. To my mind, exercycle is one of the best tools for that.

    Also, what I did and sometimes still do is to conciously put the weak arm behind the hip thus ensuring no obstruction in the front. It takes a lot of conscious effort on the part of the survivor.

    Hope it helps. 🙏🏻

    But, like I said the PTs can advice better.
    [4/22, 12:11 PM] Jitendra Varshney: You need hip flexor, glutes, quads , knee strenghtning
    And releasing of tightness around hip
    [4/22, 12:46 PM] Jitendra Varshney: You are right
    But it’s my experience. For the recovery we need to understand our anatomy too. It is helpful to recover and understand the physio and their exercises easily
    [4/22, 12:47 PM] Bharti Dhankani: Sir..if you don’t long has it been since your stroke..I checked my videos and have similar style of walking. I was thinking it’s the foot drop which is the problem. But going by others comments it seems there’s more to it.
    [4/22, 12:47 PM] Jitendra Varshney: There is app mussle 3D in playstore one can have that to understand our anatomy
    [4/22, 12:56 PM] Dr. Melitta Menezes: Exercises like standing, sit to stand, stride standing and step standing help with this.. always keep both hands on a chair or Walker in front so that symmetry can be maintained…
    [4/22, 12:59 PM] Jitendra Varshney:
    [4/22, 12:59 PM] Jitendra Varshney:
    [4/22, 1:00 PM] Jitendra Varshney:
    [4/22, 1:01 PM] Jitendra Varshney:
    [4/22, 1:02 PM] Dr. Melitta Menezes:
    Something basic that can help everyone.. but make sure you are holding the back of a chair or Walker in front for balance and symmetrt
    [4/22, 4:32 PM] Arvind Chittor: Same here. I stopped getting circummduction when I placed the obstacles towards the side my leg was circling out without control. I started getting control slowly.
    [4/22, 5:37 PM] Hardeep Sodhi:

    Seems like a good article on gait training and various means thereof. Many technical words there as well, maybe we can learn by the by..




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