Argonault Wheelchair



This seems like it will be a strong help to people who have become paralytic due stroke. A takeoff on a wheelchair, but with a LOT of modifications to make it very suitable for the handicapped and the paralytic. Find the video demonstrating this wheelchair below.


Find more about the crowdfunding campaign at :–4#/

Support the campaign if you can. Hope it comes to market at an affordable cost !

And it seems they have got a patent on this – find it at :

Some features claimed :

Incredible Functionality

  • Maneuverability, steering, and driving is the same as in a regular wheelchair
  • Leg support with wheels excludes possibility of falling forward
  • Allows to interact with others eye-to-eye and reach higher surfaces
  • Is able to drive up to any table or counter-top
  • Allows user to reach the floor
  • Safely drives at high speeds and on lateral inclined surfaces
  • Adjustable length of the leg extension for sitting and lying
  • User can transfer from bed to StepRover without any help
  • Allows users to take care of their medical and hygiene needs without aid
  • Can be used as an ambulance stretcher in an emergency
  • Allows easier transfer of a user from and to StepRover
  • Gives the nurse an ability to transfer a user without bending
  • Range of tilting & reclining prevents bedsores and improves blood circulation
  • Able to climb on and descend from a surface level
  • Enters and exits buildings without ramps
  • Able to get into or get out of an unmodified vehicle
  • Able to step over different kinds of obstacles like curbs, logs, etc.
  • Allows you to drive over rough terrain, such as snow mounds and sand

Have anything / experience helpful for stroke survivors ? Comment /contact/join in ! Thanks a lot .