Stroke in seconds….

Time and Stroke

Stroke in Seconds……

  • Every two seconds, someone in the world suffers a stroke

  • Every six seconds, someone dies of a stroke

  • Every six seconds, someone’s quality of life will forever be changed – they will permanently be physically disabled due to stroke

    Make every second count – share to spread Stroke Awareness !

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  1. Stroke Support Admin

    Above was the situation in 2015, per data that can be found at :

    Since then, as of Dec. 2018 the situation has worsened…..

    From :

    As of Dec. 2018, stroke is on the INCREASE as compared to above. Salient points from link above :

    * Alarming new research, published in the New England Journal of Medicine today, has revealed stroke is on the increase with one in four people globally to experience stroke in their lifetime.

    * Data released in 2006 had this estimate at one in six people. Research leading author Professor Valery Feigin said the sharp surge in stroke’s impact was due, in part, to an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle.

    * “The increase in stroke incidence globally comes down to more than an ageing and growing population. We know people are now experiencing strokes at younger ages,” Professor Feigin said.

    “A total of 58 percent of all strokes now happen to people 70 years and under – and our modern lifestyle is to blame.

    “We are spending our time scrolling throughout smart phones instead of walking outside. We are eating convenience foods instead of cooking for ourselves. We are stressed, we are not sleeping well. We are not looking after ourselves and we are suffering the consequences.”

    * Stroke attacks the brain, the human control centre, changing the lives of those impacted and their loved ones in an instant.

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