Can high Blood Pressure cause stroke ? Yes !

High Blood Pressure is one of the key risk factors to which stroke is attributed ( so is Heart Attack ). According to the National Family Health Survey in 2017 cited in this news article , one in eight Indians suffer from hypertension which translates to approximately 207 million people !

Further, as said therein , the Global Burden of Diseases study reported that hypertension led to 1.63 million deaths in India in 2016. Also, hypertension ( high blood pressure ) is directly responsible for 57% stroke and 24% of coronary heart disease deaths in India, as the article states, citing this study.

Hence regular monitoring and control of blood pressure is extremely important for anyone having high blood pressure.

Some easy tips to monitor and control your blood pressure are as under:

  • Get a digital BP monitor and get into the habit of using it regularly !
  • At least once a year, get a health checkup done professionally.
  • In case BP exceeds 180/120 mm Hg, one should immediately rush/be taken to the nearest hospital.
  • Similarly, signs such as dizziness, headache, a pounding sensation in the head/temples can be due a blood pressure problem ( either low or high ) , and should not be ignored.
  • Proper diet low in sodium ( salt ) and fats, and needs to be taken. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Best to avoid any processed food/beverage and rely on home cooked preparations.
  • Exercise regularly including brisk walking at least 4-5 times a week, for about 30-45 minutes.
  • Smoking and alcohol are a strict no-no.
  • If stress is the underlying cause, try to lessen it by various means such as meditation, yoga etc.
  • Regular medication is a must if advised by a physician.

Of course, your physician will be able to advise you many more methods, specific to your condition so do consult them.

In short, control your Blood Pressure to avoid a LOT of health issues, including Stroke.

If you have limited/No information about Stroke, its symptoms and consequences, we STRONGLY suggest you read at least one of the following before you leave this Website, as well as share the links with your friends and family. You may save someone from sudden death or being crippled for life !
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    Yes high BP was the culprit for my stroke

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