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The power of a Team !
The power of a Team !

Read a very nice story on teams lately. Here it is. Hope you, the reader agrees and likes it too !

A Businessman gets stranded on a lonely highway. The tires of his car get stuck badly in a mud pool.

He looks around for help and finally finds an old farmer. The businessman goes to him asking for help to get his car out of the mud.

Farmer gauges the situation, agrees to help him and says let us take the help of Warwick, an old bull at the farm.

The farmer ties the bull to the car and start shouting loudly, “FRED, PULL!… JACK, PULL!… JOHN, PULL… WARWICK, PULL…”

As the farmer keeps shouting these words, the bull Warwick gets the car out of the pool of mud.

The Businessman is relieved but has a doubt in his mind.

He thanks the farmer and asks him, “You said the bull’s name was Warwick, and he was alone, then who were Fred, Jack & John?”

The Farmer answered, “See, Warwick is old and is also blind. He does not know he is pulling this car alone. The moment he hears the other names, he thinks he is in a team, and he gives his best”.

So is the case with all of us.

The very thought that there are others in this same situation as us, gives us a great deal of comfort, hope, confidence and enthuses us to put our heart and soul into any task that we undertake.

It’s not without reason that the very word TEAM is said to stand for “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

This too shall pass…

Let’s work as a team to overcome the crisis …

Stay safe, and take care of yourself and others around you.

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