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General Rules of the Stroke Support Whatsapp/Telegram Groups

  1. DISCLAIMER : OUR GROUPS/ THIS SITE / CHANNELS DO NOT OFFER SPECIFIC MEDICAL ADVICE : All information on our groups, this website as well as all its associated channels ( such as on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. ) and Groups (such as on WhatsApp, Telegram etc. ) is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for specific and professional medical advise, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advise of your physician or a qualified healthcare provider for any questions regarding your medical condition or treatment or before starting any new health regimen and never disregard professional medical or advice or delay in seeking it because of something you may have read on this Website / any of its associated channels.
  2. Please introduce yourself immediately upon joining. Just a small introduction – name, location and any stroke related experience would suffice.
  3. Stay as close as possible to the purpose of the groupwhich is to encourage and inform stroke survivors and caregivers on aspects which may be of direct relevance and interest to them. Else the group may quickly become irrelevant and without purpose very soon, just like many other groups we may already be members of. Having said that, in the highly interconnected and dynamic world we live with, many things are subjective – what could be encouraging for me may have been seen ten times earlier by you, for instance. Please exercise your own discretion and judgement on same. And perhaps limit your posts to one a day. Best may be to try and be ‘original’ or add your input to what you post.
  4. Medical inputs offered on/off the group : Please note that any such inputs including line of medical treatment, nature therapy, supplements, alternative therapy etc. that you follow when given by anyone on the group ( or off the group, using an acquaintance developed via the group ) is totally at your own risk and responsibility. Similarly, any financial transaction , help etc. asked/given /received is entirely among the parties concerned. “Caveat Emptor” ( Buyer Beware ) applies here as equally as in life.
    At the same time, if you feel the group can benefit ( or be cautioned ) with your actual experiences consequent to such advises, transactions etc., feel free to share on the group or speak to the Administrator as to how to take it further.
    If you have any serious issue concerning a group member, please talk off-group to the admin.
  5. Avoid controversial and irrelevant topics such as religion and politics. NO sales promotion of any kind. If sales promotion is your purpose of joining the group, please speak off-group to the admin to check possibilities. All who promote any paid product / service on the group are liable to be removed at any time.
  6. If you are forwarding something that seems ‘extraordinary’ ( even if relevant ) , it maybe better to check that it is not fake or unreliable to begin with, or at least add your comments thereupon that the same is not verified by you.
  7. Talk ! – this is very important and one of the main purposes of this group. Share your achievements and concerns. While there may not be ready and immediate solutions just the very act of talking and finding supportive people is a strong help. Please do NOT lurk around ..if you do not feel like speaking often, perhaps a message on a weekend would suffice.
  8. If a conversation is developing into a one to one dialogue, you may decide it is better to have the same off-group.
  9. You may like to ‘mute’ the group so you are not disturbed each time the group receives a message.
  10. Most of all, please try to add value via each message you post- major checks could be : Is it relevant ? Is it true ? and could it lead to good and helpful conversations ?
  11. NO CONFIDENTIALITY ASSURED : Please note this website/ any of our channels/ Groups can not ensure confidentiality, given the nature of this website, channels, groups and discussions thereupon. Hence please do NOT put out anything at these places any information that you want to keep confidential.

    A group is made by helpful conversations amongst members in accordance with its objectives. Thank you for joining in !
To have a good idea of what is discussed at our Groups , please see this page carrying snippets of some recent conversations. You could also see our Forums here.

NOTE : Above rules and norms also hold for our GLOBAL TELEGRAM STROKE SUPPORT GROUP , recently reactivated since the WhatsApp group is reaching its limits. You can join our Telegram Group as explained hereunder

NOTE : If you don’t have Telegram App installed on your Mobile phone, click here for the android version and click here for the iOS Version. You can join the Telegram group only after you have installed the App on your Mobile Phone. The App is totally free.

Our Telegram Global Stroke Support Group is for Stroke Affected,families, caregivers and all public minded stroke doctors and anyone else who can help, located ANYWHERE in the World! You may join the same AUTOMATICALLY on your mobile ( with Telegram installed ) via
1) Visiting https://t.me/strokesupportgroup or
2) Scanning the QR Code in the image hereunder.

You will have to remain on the group for awhile since you will get, on the group itself, a spam check question that you will have to answer back within 120 seconds to be granted entry. Upon entry you will get a Welcome message on the group. You may leave thereafter if you wish. Further, you may also get a Verification Call/ message from us as needed.


Upon being added to Telegram the group, the members will be able to post simple text messages only ( unless we have added them in ). To have additional abilities such as posting of links, videos, images etc., members are requested to provide information as asked for on this post. This information is only for our records. We may call you for further details if needed. Upon verification a member will be granted the additional abilities. Thank you for your co-operation.


If you are a member of any of our groups, we would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions from time to time as to how the groups can become more useful to all . Please provide the same in the form below. Within constraints of time, resources and ability/ efforts, and balancing as much as possible of various opinions, we would do our best to make efforts accordingly. Thank you very much !

Join other Stroke Survivors, Caregivers and equipment/service providers for help, encouragement , knowledge sharing and most importantly – hope – via:
** Telegram Global Stroke Support Group : https://t.me/strokesupportgroup
** Whatsapp Group: https://strokesupport.in/contact/
ALL other means to connect with us, including Social Media Groups and Channels on Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook ( in many local Indian Languages) , Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube ; as well as means of Volunteering, giving Feedback, sharing your inputs etc. may all be found at :
Please DO have a look and join in wherever convenient as well as share.
Thank you VERY MUCH !