Warrior Talks – Christopher Gordon

Following are the details of this meetup :
Schedule : 16th May 2021, 6:30 PM ( IST)
Experience shared by : Stroke Warrior Christopher Gordon
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About Christopher:

– Had a stroke in 2005 while in hospital for a shunt revision to treat hydrocephalus. The stroke damaged the occipital lobe of his brain, initially allowing him to see only light and shadows. While has recovered some sight since then, remains functionally and legally blind. Condition is called Cortical Visual Impairment/ Cerebral Visual Impairment.
– Despite such adversity, has written and published two books, is an active community volunteer and in August 2020 started a YouTube channel sharing his experience. Tries to find fun in everything , with a motto that ” “I’m on this planet for fun”.
– Also works for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) as the Program Lead for Career Support and Community Education, where he himself received wonderful help when he needed it. At CNIB he talks to people about sight loss and the help provided by CNIB.

Let us all chat with Christopher to be inspired to have more fun in our live, whatever be the circumstances, and to make still stronger efforts towards recovery, and improvement in any other facet of life as well !

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