How to make a forum post ?

Make a Forum Post

The forum on this Website is indeed the best way for all users to know about others, start conversations, add to those started by others, and all the time, gain from previous conversations as they can be re-visited, added on etc. to help all. In this post we describe how to make a Forum post.

  1. Use the register/login drop down menu to login. You’d need the User Name and Password for the same. If you do not have it yet, you’d need to contact the Site Administrator ( me 🙂 ) for the same.
  2. Below is how the login screen looks. You may enter your user name,password and press login. Note that you may as well use any of the “social logins” such as Facebook etc. for the purpose. However, this depends upon getting your information from these other sites using plugins and so may not be consistently reliable. Hence, best to login using your unique user name and password on this site as created by the Site Administrator.

3. After logging in, you can use the Forum link on the top menu bar as shown in above image to get into the Forum section.

4. Once in the Forum section, you will see several ‘sub forums’ with their general description, as in above image. Select the one to which your topic is most relevant. We can add sub-forums as we go along.

5. Once you click upon a sub-forum link, a new topic entry box as in image above will open. There you can create a new topic and provide some details as illustrated above. Finally,press the submit button to save your contents. That is all! You can now move on to creating new topics, replying to other’s topics, adding more information to topics earlier created by you , etc. etc. Or logout. You can share the Topic link (As shows in the URL bar in top your browser ) easily with other Social Media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc., to spark discussions there as well. Have fun !

A forum is indeed a great way for all users to participate as well as learn from others’ experiences. Indeed, as you may realize as you use it more and more, there are no limits in ways it can be used and many websites are only Forums and nothing else !

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