While it has ” always ” been known that pollution is bad for any life- including humans – there is increasing evidence emerging that air pollution increases the risk of stroke manifold.

The latest in this is the news article here.Which states clearly that :

  • While the association between air pollution and increased risk of cancers, respiratory illnesses and cardiovascular diseases are well known, not many people are aware that exposure to toxic air pollutants also increases the risk of stroke.
  • Individuals living in more heavily air-polluted areas had a higher risk of death in the 12 months after ischemic stroke.
  • A series of epidemiological studies and researches have shown a clear link between air pollution and stroke.
  • Fine particles (PM1 and PM2.5) appeared to be more harmful than other pollutants for stroke patients.
  • Short-term exposure to air pollution can increase your immediate risk of having a stroke if you have existing risk factors, such as high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation (AF) or diabetes.

While Authorities are doing whatever they can, it is upto all of us to look after our health. Please generate as little pollution as you can, avoid going to polluted areas and always wear appropriate masks when you have to !

Please share this critical information wherever you can to help your family as well as others.

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