Butati Dham – Miracle or faith based effort ?

Butati Dham – Miracle or faith based effort ?

Butati Dham – Miracle or faith based effort ?

Stroke recovery generally takes a lot of efforts. And can be a very slow, painstaking affair for all, including the families of the survivors. At the same time, increasingly scientific evidence is being accumulated that – unlike as held earlier – it can be a lifelong, continuous affair of training both the mind and the body.
In which determination – that may as well be consequence of faith – plays a major role.
In the context of faith, Butati Dham has been offering hope and succor to millions since many years. Does it work for everyone ? I don’t know. But for many it seems to have made a substantial difference. Here the details for you to experience on you own.


It is believed that about five hundred years ago, Saint Chaturdas Ji lived at Butati. Born in the Charan clan, he was a great Siddha Yogi and by his Siddhi he cured paralysis patients. Even today people make seven rounds (circumambulation) around his Samadhi (tomb) to get rid of paralysis. Every year millions of paralyzed patients and other devotees come from all over the country especially on Ekadashi and Dwadashi.


Butati Dham is located in District Nagaur of Rajasthan , and is also known as Sri Chaturdas Ji Maharaj Mandir.The complete contact coordinates are :
Sri Chaturdas ji Maharaj Mandir
At/Po : Butati
Dist: Nagour (Rajsthan)
Ph: 01587-248021 ( Phone number seems incorrect as writing of this post )

The nearest Airport is Jaipur from where one can get a direct bus to Butati. This will be 5-6 hours journey.
By Train, the nearest railway station is Merta Road Junction.
From Merta Road Junction one gets private taxis etc. This is about an hour’s journey ( about 50 odd kilometers – the Web gives varying information !).
One can also reach Jaipur by train from anywhere in India , and from there get a taxi or bus.
On Google Maps, one can find it here.


The temple has a few rooms that are offered free for boarding and lodging , along with a large hall outside. This is on first come first served basis. The temple management provides items to be cooked and one can prepare food there. Food is simple – vegetables and wheat flour that one cooks oneself. People accompanying the patient can cook this food and feed themselves as well as the patient.
All this is free of cost. Donations are voluntary.
There are hotels/ guest houses in the vicinity and one can stay there as well.
A hotel there seems to have a Facebook page as well.


There is no specific medicine as such prescribed. One needs to stay for seven days and every day attend aarti ( Prayers that take place in the morning and evening)  two times at the temple. The patient  is made to stand during the Aarti and then does his /her best ( assisted by others as needed) to circumambulate  ( go round , perform ‘parikrama’ ) around the temple.
That is all. There are no extra poojas etc. Existing treatment / medicine etc. of doctors already treating the patient may be continued.
People usually take the “Bhabhuti’ ( holy ash) from the ‘Aarti’, mix it with an oil like mustard oil. The concoction is then used to massage the affected limbs of the patient.  For some, the miracle lies therein.
It is claimed some people see a lot of improvement after these seven days. It is said that the improvement is noticeable fifth day onwards.

So is it faith, and the consequent efforts one does ( parikrama or circumambulation in the temple around the Samadhi made by a motivated stroke survivor who has faith in the place) that leads to recovery ?

Or is it a miracle ?

Or is it faith leading to a miracle ?

Come to your own conclusions !

Here are some more links for you to see on your own :

  • Discussions on Quora
  • A blog detailing personal experience of Nayan Goenka
    Here an update, in Nayan’s own words, as of March 2021 :
    He (my father ) got the stroke in 2017 August. I wrote the blog roughly 3 weeks after that, When I got the news of Butati from my family. He’s doing well now. To be really honest with you, I have done a lot of analysis on his recovery and especially what happened in Butati Dham based on what I saw the change in him and everything, The morning I wrote the blog after watching the video of him walking, when he went in on a wheelchair, was the single biggest jump in miraculous recovery I have seen in him. After that daily physio and other activities and normal life attributed to minor improvements in his recovery. It’s truly a magical place. He’s been generally well and healthy after that. 
    I don’t think Butati has any magical healing power. What that place does to you is channel the collective consciousness of a wide range of people, the hopes they bring to that temple, their aspirations in life and on a subconscious level that triggers a lot of neurons in the patients brain as well. And nothing is impossible after your conscious and subconscious start working together. A lot of people, praying for the same thing, at the same time, at the same place, with similar aspirations, a shared belief and a common goal is what is magical about Butati Dham. I think it triggered that on a subconscious level in my father. To answer your previous questions: I think he was on stroke medication at the time. I don’t remember exactly. And in cases of stroke, no amount of medicine or medical science or physio can help the person more than their own determination to get better. It needs to come from within that I have to get better. 
    I think the primary reason my father showed great recovery in the initial phase was because he did not like being dependent on others. So he was finding all ways to get independent very fast. That feeling was acting like a catalyst all through out.
  • Another blog
  • Many videos on YouTube.

Here a rather detailed video on YouTube. Also includes another treatment of spinal / bone/ back treatment as well.

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