The Plastic Fantastic Brain

The Plastic Fantastic Brain- amazing documentary on neuroplastcity
The Plastic Fantastic Brain

It is generally believed – and proven to be true as well by many studies – that each area of the brain is exclusively dedicated to a specific task. If there is damage to an area, there is loss of functionality associated with that area. For instance, memory, motor skills, eyesight etc. all have well-defined areas and if there is damage to nay area due injury or disease, one loses the associated functionality for life.

Neuroplasticity however , turns this practically on its head. It is the brain’s ability to form new neural connections in response to injury or deficit. In short, the brain’s ability to rewire itself. The brain adapts, helped by external stimuli and forms new neural pathways thereby restoring functions lost many , many years ago ! This article here provides more details as well as some more videos.

The documentary ‘Plastic Fantastic Brain’ demonstrates the amazing plasticity of the brain using real-life case studies. It proves that the brain will compensate for damaged or even completely missing areas by shifting the functionality to another area of the brain entirely. Which is why it is a a must watch for a stroke affected as well caregivers.

The documentary is amazing and one that is sure to bring a lot of hope to all people with brain related issues. Not only stroke survivors but all, including those ‘healthy’ in all manners will find this movie inspiring . It tells in a very engaging manner about four real-life case studies conducted by researchers in field of Neuroplasticity.

Dominique lost entire right hemisphere of her brain to a rare disease. Rajesh was born blind and without optic nerves. Rick is a a rarity. He remembers every single day of his life, to minute detail. While Luigi is many ways the opposite. Having been involved in an accident at age 32, he has lost all personal memories of his life before the work , yet can remember facts pertaining to work as well as has full vocabulary and other functional memories. All of them demonstrate well the plasticity of the brain and how it can make remarkable differences in individuals ‘normal’ as well as those having some ‘deficiencies’ due various reason.

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On Youtube as well, you can find some snippets such as:

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